icu-18n dependency

  • Hi!

    I am trying to build mpd with icu support

    meson file contains restriction

    icu_dep = dependency('icu-i18n', version: '>= 50', required: get_option('icu'))

    conf.set('HAVE_ICU', icu_dep.found())

    I have tried to add icu-18n to

    PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET="toolchain alsa-lib avahi boоst curl faad2 ffmpeg flac glib lame libcdio libiconv libid3tag \

    libmad libmpdclient libsamplerate libvorbis libnfs libogg mpd-mpc opus pulseaudio samba yajl libgcrypt icu-18n"

    but got an exception

    Exception: Invalid package reference: dependency icu-18n in package mympd::PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET is not valid

    Please advice how to add this dependency