Pi4, TV-HAT and tvheadend : the stream is choppy

  • Dear all,

    I've a TV-HAT and I've tried it with my new Pi4 with tvheadend. All was fine with my Pi3+, but with the Pi4 the stream given by is tvheadend choppy.

    I've tried with LibreELEC pi4 version and also with Rasp OS.

    Do you have an idea for a specific settings in tvheadend ?

    Thanks you very much for you help.


  • likely you changed something at the stream settings at Tvh ?? (format or whatever)

    If you plain install Tvh and setup the frequencies it should work without any issue.

  • Hi CvH,

    I've just installed tvh and the frequencies. All the channel were discovered, but the video/audio stream is choppy.

    I've tried on differents sd card, one with the PiOS, and the second with LibreELEC.

    In the logs of tvh

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  • do you play the channels at the same RPi ?

    Yes/No. I've tried to play on the RPi, on my computer and also on an other RPi. When the TV-Hat is on the RP4, the signal quality is low... and correct when the TV-Hat is on the Rp3. Why ?...