Problems watching Live-TV with the TVHeadend Client addon

  • Hi!

    I've got a Problem watching Live-TV.

    When i select a Cannel and start the Stream, there is a short Stuttering and after that the Stream runs very well. The Problem occurs when i want to switch the Channel. I use the up and down Buttons of my Remote to switch, the OSD shows the EPG-info of the Channel and when i press ok, the Channel switches. This is only works once (even with a short Stuttering of the Stream at the beginning). Now i can watch the new chosen Cannel, but the up an down buttons did not work. Even the Record button and the EPG button in the Playbar for example, are disappearing.

    When i go back and select a new Channel from the Cannelslist it switches, but up, down, etc are not working. Only after i stop the Stream and start it once again i can switch normaly, but even once.

    The TVHeadend Server is build on a Synology Diskstation. I watch Tv over kodi on a Mi Box S, a Nvidia Shield an from a Windows PC all with the same Settings and it works like charm even without the Stuttering. Because of this im think its a Problem of the Raspberry or of libreelec.

    The client where i've got the Problems with is a Raspberry Pi 3. Its connected with Cable to the Network. Libreelec and the Client-Plugin are on the last stable Version. Also mpeg2 is licensed.

    A Log is in the attatchment.

    It would be nice, if You have any ideas.


    • 01_KODI.log

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