RPI4 ffmpeg tools mpeg-dash support

  • Hello,

    I like to feed various IP TV streams into a tvheadend and then use kodi as frontent for that tvheadend.

    This is all on raspberry pi 4B with 4 GB of ram.

    I have installed ffmpeg tools addon and I have discovered the included ffmpeg can't handle mpeg-dash streams.

    Is there a way to build ffmpeg tools addon with this feature included?

    When I try using ffmpeg to probe mpeg-dash stream on rpi 4 running libreelec 9.2.6 I'm getting this:

    Another example of an mpeg-dash OTT service here in slovakia. Of course I need to have valid subscription with them to watch it...

    [NULL @ 0x1a392d0] Unable to find a suitable output format for 'https://hlive04.cdn.magio.tv/hd_super_high_dash/Dajto_HD/manifest.mpd?SIGV=2&IS=0&ET=1605686105&CIP='
    https://hlive04.cdn.magio.tv/hd_super_high_dash/Dajto_HD/manifest.mpd?SIGV=2&IS=0&ET=1605686105&CIP= Invalid argument

    Can something be done to make this work?