OpenPHT and audio rates greater than 192KHz

  • Hi all,

    I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this post - I can't thing of anywhere else to ask.

    I am happily running OpenPHT 1.8/1.9 on a cheap Chinese S905. connected to a USB DAC.

    I'd like run play some DSD128 over PCM (DoP), and that requires a PCM bitrate of 384000.

    The Kodi that OpenPHT is based on is limited to 192000.

    As per threads like a patch to Kodi was made to simply allow the maximum bitrate selectable in the GUI to be up to 384000.

    Unfortunately this change was never back-ported to OpenPHT. I was able to modify the strings.po file by modifying the SYSTEM.IMG squeezefs but the settings.xml is used during compilation (I think) and not part of OpenPHT as released.

    Does anyone have a S905 compiled version of OpenPHT that can do 384KHz?

    I'm also happy to compile OpenPHT with the patches but am unsure how to do this. Is anyone aware of how to compile OpenPHT for amlogic?

    Many thanks

  • Thanks. It looks like a ghost town :). Thing is, I know the fix for my issue, I just need a few hints on compiling OpenPHT for Amlogic myself. I'll keep hunting.