X86 9.2.4 Odd keyboard behavior

  • So I updated to 9.2.4 x86 and ever since then the keyboard is behaving really weird.

    I use an Rii ii28 keyboard and after a period of time it goes to sleep. If I either pause playback or try to skip back, the KB wakes up and Kodi either jumps way back 10+ min when I pause or if I skip back 10sec (one KB button press), it flies back to the start. Super annoying.

    Has anyone else seen odd KB behavior after updating?

  • So my research has shown that it's not a libreelec or Kodi issue. Ritek, the makers of the keyboard updated their design and for some reason taking it out of sleep mode sends phantom keystrokes that tells Kodi to jump ahead. Major pain in the butt not sure why they did that.