LibreELEC + RPi4 + Hyperion + 4K

  • Hello,

    I am trying to get my setup working with hyperion, the new RPi4 and latest libreELEC (9.2.1).

    Hyperion has been configured via HyperCon for LE and installed via the LE Add-On.

    The Add-On version is (side note - does this need to match LE version or is this coincidence? how would I "roll-back" to 9.2.0?)

    I am using APA102 LEDs

    Main issue:

    When hyperion is enabled and 4K enabled, the video playback is stuttered and blacks out frequently.

    When hyperion is enabled and 4K is disabled, the same problem happens.

    When hyperion is disabled, everything works fine.

    So the new LibreELEC (or the new RPi4), has it broken the hyperion add-on? or is there some workaround that I am not aware of?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Eyes are square from searching this issue.