Is this a job for portainer? Xlink Kai Docker

  • I'm trying to run this docker image on libreelec Docker Hub Ive installed it with the following command via putty: docker run --name XLink-Kai-Evolution -d -p 34522:34522 --env 'INTERFACE_NAME=eth0' --env 'UMASK=022' --env 'UID=1000' --env 'GID=1000' --volume /storage/.config/xlink-kai:/xlinkkaievolution --privileged=true --cap-add NET_ADMIN --network='host' --restart=unless-stopped ich777/xlinkkaievolution It appears to be working great. The only problem is, when I reboot libreelec this container doesn't load properly. If I stop the container with docker stop CONTANERNAME it stop and start the container again manually with docker start CONTAINERNAME it works great. Any idea how to get this container to start properly on start-up?