SAMBA SERVER configuration (samba.conf)

  • I would like to create Media Center combined with NAS using LibreELEC.

    LibreELEC 9.2.1 is installed on Raspberry Pi 4. External 4TB HDD is connected via USB3.

    I struggle with samba server configuration for maximizing transfer speed and safety. Drive is formatted into EXT4 file system with two partitions: PRIVATE and PUBLIC.

    My current samba.conf is posted below (basically default config file). On such configuration PRIVATE share is not protected and transfer speed is low: Blackmagic Disk Speed Test 6-8MB/s, coping multiple mp3 files 2MB/s. I am wondering what can I do to increase transfer speed?

    I have created second configuration. When I use it as samba.conf, my SMB stops working- default configuration is used. Not the one form file. What is wrong with second file?

    Basic, working conf:

    New config file, not working: