LibreELEC 9.2.1 video stalling with specific content (help needed finding root cause)

  • Hello all,

    First post here after using LibreElec for about 2 months and getting to know it better. Please be kind, I'll be as detailed as I can.

    The System is RPi4 with LibreElec 9.2.1 / Kodi 18.6, screen at 1920x1080 / 60Hz (probably all and more in log file below)

    I'm having trouble with some video content where video stalls regularly. The content where I noticed this is on-demand replay TV from VIER | Kijk online naar volledige afleveringen played through the Retrospect add-on. But I'm making an educated guess that it is not related with source nor add-on, rather with the video codec or something related.
    I can add that the same content from VIER | Kijk online naar volledige afleveringen plays fine on a Windows 10 PC in Chrome. Also, other video content played with Retrospect, plays perfectly fine.

    I would therefore and first of all, try to get some help in determining the codec used for the video stream and maybe find a video file that can reproduce the problem.

    Logs after fresh reboot, starting the video and fastforward to just before a video timestamp where the video stall happens consequently.
    I this log, I have set debug level logging for Retrospect and enabled detailed logging for Ffmpeg, audio component, video component and videotiminginfo.

    I think that the stall happens at timestamp 2020-04-21 14:50:07.166

    Kindly guide me in trying to solve this.

    Kind regards,


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  • Ok, here's a follow up of my own quest.

    From the log, I see ffmpeg video codec id 27. Google learns me this might be H.264.
    Also from the log, I can read AAC audio codec.

    This combination leads me to test this video file (found on Test Audio and Video clips ).
    In fact, I tested all Big Buck Bunny 1080p (mov, avi and mp4) test movies on that website.

    Guess what? They all play flawless.
    I'm completely clueless now. No ideas left to investigate further. Any help is highly welcomed.

    Kind regards,


    /edit: and here is a log file starting both streams, first Big Buck Bunny and second through retrospect.
    To me it seems both stream creations look very similar. But in the short time (about 2 minutes each) that both played, BBB did not show a single error and the stream already shows an error.

    Last thing that might be fundamentally different is the container. But I have no clue figuring out what container the through Retrospect is.

    new log file:

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