Tvheadend htsp client no signal message

  • All,

    yesterday without any update/config change I got infamous "Tvheadend htsp client no signal" message, system was running for months. Most of this today I spent trying to fix etc, resulting in extremely clean reinstall. After watching for some 40m, it's back, again being just watched, no changes.This time reboot helped, but I need to find what is going on.

    Rapsberry 4, tvhat.

    TVHeadend v9.2.0.120 + tvheadend HTSP client, otherwise all default installation, didn't have time to do anything else.

    Signal is recieved via antenna; and whenever I get this error, I was able to connect via http://<>:9981/extjs.html, so I'm very positive that signal recieved via antenna is OK.

    Kodi: dmesg:

    earlier today I tried fresh install with the latest versions, but the same problem, didn't get the live TV at all, so I'd like to avoid upgrades at any costs.

    Also in the kodi.log you can see

    2020-03-20 14:05:19.824 T:2738025328 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - unable to connect to

    2020-03-20 14:05:20.132 T:2566427504 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

    But I'm not overly concerned about that as workaround is to switch to another channel and back. Eventually I'd like to sort it out, but "No signal" is getting my nightmare

  • If you ask me it looks like there is no reception. Now starts the fun part, why is there no reception.

    1. check connections to antenna

    2. If the signal drops out do a quick reboot and check if it works again, if not we can rule out software problems

    3. look at the temps and do the firmware upgrades for the RPi if not done already

  • Thanks, CvH.

    1) Anytime I lose the signal, I check the tvheadend backend from PC and I'm able to get video and audio. Same if I plug antenna to TV directly (though not dvb-t2 signal, that's the reason why I'm trying to use pi + tvhat). So I'm pretty sure it's OK
    2) Doing that pretty much as often as the 1) above; in the past it helped, not today (tried 4x times)

    3) Little puzzled for this one: `temps` = temp folders? I can google and purge for sure. Firmware upgrades - will google if there's anything new.

    In the meantime I had fun with router and firewall, just for case and everything seems ok (as far as my networking skills are ok)

    And again, thans for looking into this.

  • Re firmware:

    1. Pi:/etc/default # rpi-eeprom-update
    2. BOOTLOADER: up-to-date
    3. CURRENT: Tue Sep 10 10:41:50 UTC 2019 (1568112110)
    4. LATEST: Tue Sep 10 10:41:50 UTC 2019 (1568112110)
    5. VL805: up-to-date
    6. CURRENT: 000137ab
    7. LATEST: 000137ab

    But, found "ad" rpi-eeprom/vl805-000137ad.bin at master · raspberrypi/rpi-eeprom · GitHub.

    Not sure why libreelec won't find the newer itself. Perhaps as my libreelec is still 9.2.0?

    nevertheless, downloaded ad version,

    1. Pi:~/downloads # rpi-eeprom-update -f ~/downloads/vl805-000137ad.bin
    2. *** INSTALLING /storage/downloads/vl805-000137ad.bin ***
    3. Traceback (most recent call last):
    4. File "/usr/bin/rpi-eeprom-config", line 113, in <module>
    5. main()
    6. File "/usr/bin/rpi-eeprom-config", line 106, in main
    7. image = BootloaderImage(args.eeprom, args.out)
    8. File "/usr/bin/rpi-eeprom-config", line 36, in __init__
    9. (filename, IMAGE_SIZE, len(self._bytes)))
    10. Exception: /storage/downloads/vl805-000137ad.bin: Expected size 524288 bytes actual size 98904 bytes

    That's where I am now. Later today I'll update libreelec to 9.2.1 in hope that "ad" firmware will be available. I tried to use yesterday 9.2.1 and didn't get tvheadend client working at all. on 9.2.0. it was.

  • That sounds VERY strange in general.

    Btw you won't get "latest" firmware via LE Settings just what we have bundled.

    You can boot up an Raspbian and update there. Not sure this will help.

    I tried to use yesterday 9.2.1 and didn't get tvheadend client working at all. on 9.2.0. it was.

    this is working in general

    Maybe worth a look is also SD card and power supply. If you have the opportunity switch both.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    Little puzzled for this one: `temps` = temp folders?

    temperatures :)

  • Morning, CvH!

    It's very strange indeed; one of the reasons I chose Pi4 + TvHat was fixed hardware, less fiddling with drivers, kernels etc - reading that so many folsk are happy with their solution for dvb-t2.

    Anyway, over Sunday got system updated, have the latest firmware "ad" applied and still getting the same problems. SD came to my mind when reading on of the forums, so will try to get system to other SD and if that would work, I'd have to get some ssd and get boot from SD and system on ssd..

  • So far booting from SD and USB disk works (assuming I managed to get it work, both SD and USB have the same size so just looking at size of partitions is not useful :). If the SD is to blame, the wear has to be terrible considering my set up was mostly read only, no live tv recording etc.

    thanks anyway, hopefully it'll stay this way!

  • If the SD is to blame, the wear has to be terrible considering my set up was mostly read only

    Depends at the SD card, we have here (company I work for) a lot cheapo SD cards (at real RO mode) and they are dying absolute randomly.

    1 Day or 3 Years, everything is possible including very strange behaviors.

  • No signal is back: using SD card to boot only and rest read/write from USB disc. As the tvheadend backed runs just fine, I wonder if there's other client (frontend) that could use tvheadend backend. I tried to set up IPTV simple client but failed miserably at the first attempt, but I can't blame others than me (as I don't want to use live stream, but TV signal)