Add-ons not showing up to install?

  • Greetings to all! I am a newcomer to Kodi and Linux in general, and am having trouble finding information and guides to help me through the process of installing add-ons, specifically playstation 1 and sega genisis emulators.

    Im running Libreelec 9.2 on an old server tower with an intel core i3.

    With most guides, forum pists, and videos I've found, installing add-ons, such as Chromium, seems pretty straightforward. However, the ones i want simply dont show up in the list (the only game addon that showed up was MAME).

    As I have hit similar roadblocks with Kodi in the past, and since I dont have an OS with a gui under kodi, im in over my head and need some help.

    Thanks for your time :)

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    did you tried "refresh addon repository" from the addon submenu ?

    normally you should have plenty of addons to choose