LE 9.0.2 for Wetek Core after imaging: mount problem on mmcblk0p2

  • Hi all

    I have a Wetek Core and a fresh Transcend 32GB microSD.

    I have taken several attempts on imaging LE 9.0.2 on this microSD, first with dd comand, then with the official SD Creator.

    I have also run attempts with manual resizing of mmcblk0p2 with gparted. I also took attempts after flashing of leaving mmcblk0p2 untouched.

    All of that, during 2+ hours of work, result: Wetek Core on LE 9.0.2 is not able to mount mmcblk0p2.

    Please note, my Ubuntu computers are able to properly mount both un-resized as well as re-sized mmcblk0p2, both via SD slot as well via USB.

    Can anyone help please?

    Many thanks!