ProjectM Update to 2.3.2 Cannot Load Presets?

  • This past week an updated ProjectM (Ver 2.3.2?) pushed through the LibreElec repository and, while the programs boots, it is stuck in its vibrating screenshot mode indicating it is not loading presets. I see that a slew of new preset folders have been added, and attempts to use them also fail.

    The repository does not seem to have a roll-back version and I tried installing an old version 2.

    Any others also having troubles? I've opened an issue on the GitHub as well.

  • I received a satisfying response at the GitHub page for ProjectM:


    Not certain why the LibreELEC add-on maintainers did not catch this -- but , the ProjectM version add-on for LibreELEC expects the various presets to be located in specific sub-folders as shown here :

    Creating the various sub-folders and then moving the relevant presets should resolve the issue.

    An alternative is to download a ZIP archive of ProjectM ( GitHub - projectM-visualizer/projectm: projectM - cross-platform music visualization. Open-source and Milkdrop-compatible ) and then replace the existing "/storage/.kodi/addons/visualization.projectm/resources/projectM/presets" with the new presets folder structure. Note that the individual files within each presets sub-folder will need to be chmod 644 ( "-rw-r--r--" ).

    The first link above does not work (I think it may be projectm/presets at master · projectM-visualizer/projectm · GitHub), however I did load the presets as suggested from the zip file. This solved the problem for me.

    If the LE team is monitoring this thread please pass this on to the right persons managing visualization addons.