Nexbox A95X internal upgrade

  • Hi

    I've been happily using on my Nexbox A95X for a year or so, but I thought I'd try upgrading to v9 today.

    I've been running from SD card, but there wasn't enough room to extract the update, so I carried out the following steps.

    1. Boot from SD card

    2. Run installtointernal

    3. Boot from internal. All good, much faster, why didn't I get around to doing this before?

    4. Copy the latest update to the samba share

    5. Reboot

    6. Watch the update successfully install

    7. Reboot again.

    Now it won't boot from internal. It's stuck on the Nexbox logo screen.

    Did I miss a step? I haven't lost any config as I still have my SD card. I can try again, but did I do something wrong?

    The upgrade I installed was LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0.1.img.gz. It seemed to boot OK when burnt straight to another SD card.


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