Amplifier power control via relay and GPIO, I2C (Add-on)

  • Hi LE community,

    I am newbie in LibreElec and Python. I wrote an addon for control amplifier power using GPIO output and relay. It set 1 to GPIO output if KODI is playing any video or audio file and set 0 after timeout. Addon have settings:

    Timeout - from 2 to 20 minutes

    gpio pin - it will be used for relay control

    Notification - notifications will be showed on turning or turning off.

    So maybe more experienced users can take a look and tell if everything is ok with this addon?

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  • Hi to all,

    I want to add i2c volume control to my add-on (pt2257 for example).So I have some questions:

    How to disable built-in KODI volume control (maybe keymap editor)?

    How to capture volume key press (IR, keyboard, KORE)?

    Can I use kodi volume slider for display current level?