TVheadend HTSP client server does not respond properly

  • Hello,

    I installed libreELEC (Kodi 18.2 LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0.2.img.gz) on an Odroid H2. Then installed the backend TVheadend 4.2 configured it with my tuner (HDhomerun) and IPTV setup, DRV setting, EPG etc,etc. I then installed the front end of TVheadend on the same machine (odroid H2). I made sure to use on the front end. The frontend will not stay connected to the backend serverwhen it will connect at all. When it would connect my error would be "no signal" or "server does not respond properly after it would play a channel for a bit. Here is my log from the most resent reboot. In this log it refused to connect entirely. "command hello failed" over and over again


    I did have a problem when adding the IPTV to the backend and it aborted the wizard which also locked up my Linux computer I was using. I could not even go into terminal or killall. Maybe something went wrong with the install? Thanks for the help and if I left out any info please let me know. i am really looking forward to getting this mediabox up and running.:)

  • I think I figured out what was going on after reading several old threads. First the originally created login was not working for access and the second was combination of a bad install and drive permissions. Here is what I did to resolve the problems:

    The first thing I did was start over with a fresh install of libreELEC (Kodi 18.3 LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.1.002.img.gz) on the H2. I decided to go with 9.1002 rather than the 9.0.2. I reinstalled the backend of Tvheadend and configured without issue. Then I setup the front end client and entered my user name and password. Access failed again and I got the same error messages as before. I went back into the backend via web config and created a new user this way:

    configuration > users > passwords > new user "name" / new password > save

    configuration > users > access entries > add > new user "new name from above" / under "change perimeters" I checked everything / Streaming and Recording - checked HTSP only > save

    Then I went back into the front end HTSP client and changed the user name and password to the new one I created above.

    The front end started working and I could watch the tuner (HDhomerun) but I could not record. When I tried to record the client would start recording and stop recording immediately after recording started. I had setup an internal 1tb ext4 formatted hard drive to record during my initial configuration in the backend web client. However I did not give privileges. I tried

    chmod -R a+w /var/media/harddrivename

    This did not work so well as I would still get a "client server does not respond properly" notice during recording. I opted for a full nuclear option and did.....

    chmod -R 777 /var/media/hardrivename

    After the -R 777 option it started working and recording with issues. I am still a beginner with Linux so if anyone has an alterantive way for future readers please share. 777 was something I did not want to do but I did it and it works and the HDD is only for recording. I thought I would share how I got this working :) I love me some liberELEC! :) thanks!