kodi in VM with HD-audio / dolby atmos

  • Hi there

    If been using kodi on windows for a while now. It took me quite some time to have it running with dolby atmos. Now I am planning a new solution and I'd like to run kodi in a VM. I would give it a dedicated GPU and activate GPU pass-through (I planned to use a vSphere). Are there any restrictions? Is it possible to have even HD audio and dolby atmos running within a VM? The machine itself isn't built yet. What should I keep in mind when choosing the hardware?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply!

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  • I just found a more elegant solution. Instead of using kodi in a VM I will use the MrMC app on Apple TV 4K which comes with Dolby Atmos support since March 2019. Sorry for bothering you.