LibreELEC + Retroarch 9.80 for Raspberry PI 4 !

  • haven't been ontop of things but updated recently, that pesky Time sync problem seems to be gone for damn good!

    but i don't know if this is a RetroArch thing or not while it DOES have an Auto config for an OG Xbox controller, it's all sorts of messed up, (connected over a handmade connector cable)

    attaching a Config that Adheres to Xinput mappings (X is X on Gamepad, A is A etc) but in Cores? the functionality isn't duplicated, but the button naming IS , like for D Pad up and Down its listing as HAT # 0 Up HAT # 0 Down but, it shows Key Up for both, you haveto assign manually per Core via the function Icon rather than Name.

    (i know this is Niche-case not many are going to go mutilate a spare Breakaway cable to make this or spend 10$ on a cable just to use a OG Xbox S / Duke controller, and i'm only trying it out as i had to get a replacement for my OG Xbox's controller)

    Microsoft X-Box pad v1 (US).zip