Moving to the future

  • I love my slice but there aren't any more :( As the slice is getting slightly long in the tooth DOes anyone have any idea what I might use to replace it or get a second unit? :cool:

  • theres lots of interesting things out there to look at these days but its probably best to start with what your expectations are from the unit and where your interests lie. as well depending on your technical skill set and if you like to play or are strictly looking for a pick and play solution.

    i only add the technical skill set statement as putting most of the bs advertising crap aside one of the main things to consider is support for whatever you buy. if your the type that like to play and try things its probably best to buy something that you typically would see supported on places like here and some of the other forums like CoreElec and others.

  • Thanks for your reply

    What i'm looking for a HDMI out

    very Hi quality Analog out

    Internal Hard drive

    Ethernet via wifi and RJ45

    A remote control

    hopefully 3 or more USB ports

    Self contained case

    software such as libelec


    sharable tcp stack

    addressable via a web page and mapped drive.

    Mullticasting? (like sonos)

    Im not a programmer.

    any idea?