New install on Wetek Hub

  • Hello there,

    Installed LibreElec on a mscard - booted the Wetek Hub and got connected through SSH. Realised I didn't installed the latest version, so wget the latest 9.0.1 and rebooted as per wiki.

    Rebooted fine, copied my advancedsettings.xml passwords.xml sources.xml mediasources.xml from my archlinux computer as I am sharing a msql database, make sure the file permission were matched to what it was before.

    Now the hub boot up, but the screen remain black, see kodi log below. Seems there are errors connecting to the NAS (where the files and the mysql database is located)

    Kodi.log attached


    Any help would be appreciated

  • Hi,

    Sorted! After a bit of digging around the web, it's an issue with video resolution. I have a 4K TV and I had to change the resolution on the 8.2.5 to 1290p then upgrade to version 9.0.1.

    Now it works like a charm and I can watch my 4K show on my NAS without buffering or shuttering!