Install from USB fails

  • Good day

    I downloaded the Windows version of the USB_SD creator and wrote the generic installer to a USB flash drive. I insert the usb into my Lenovo Mini pc and turn it on. Press F12 for boot menu and select the flash drive. I wait for it to boot and select Install to Hard drive. Choose the drive to install to,accept the 2 warnings of data being lost. It runs through the installation and tells me to remove the usb device and reboot, which I do. But then I get a "No Operating System found" message and it doesnt boot into Libreelec. Any idea why the installation to the HDD is failing?:(

  • try version 9.02 , that works i had the same issue

    ver 9.2.0 and 9.2.2 intel nuc cant find the usb boot from bios ,

    funny because my mouse and keyboard work from the same usb ports and ver 9.02 is detected and works