USB Wifi dongle DWA 171 rev C

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to make my DWA 171 dongle work with Libreelec on Raspberry Pi model 3b with no success.

    I've successfully made it work on Raspbian running kernel 4.14. As Libreelec is running kernel 4.19, I thought that if I can make it work on Raspbian 4.19, should be valid for Libreelec.

    I've could compile a version of the driver on 4.19, but when it runs I get an "Unknown symbol __sanitizer_cov_trace_pc" error.I made a PR on the driver GIt to see if someone could help, but I get no answer (rtw_select_queue signature for kernel 4.19 by franfos · Pull Request #7 · uzh-rpg/rpg_dwa171_wifidongle · GitHub)

    So if anyone has any information about this and can help me, I would very appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,