H264 Mpeg-4 Videos not playing

  • Hi all,

    I cannot play these Videos, there is no error message. Using Libreelec with Kodi 18.1 LEIA on Raspi 3B+

    Tried to find some hints in the debug log. Thats not easy as I only know how to access the log with a log viewer addon... The logs reports unspecified errors opening the video file.

    Maybe there is a codec missing?

    Maybe this is a known issue and you can help me?

    thanks, E.

  • Code

    This Video is playing fine

    Not so my videos...

    BTW my video files are on an external HD (NTFS filesystem). Starting libreelec will not automatically mount this HD, how can I achieve that, please?

    Thx for helping

  • Your pastebin link does not work

    Are your mp4 videos self-made or downloaded ?

    Is your external HD connected via USB ? How is it powered ?

    Have you tried connecting a USB thumb or flash drive ?

  • Thanks for ansewering, try again:

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    The mp4 are downloaded from xconfessions.com, where I did have an account.

    HD connected by USB, self powered, all videos on this disk, most are running fine. Therefore not tried thumb or flash.

    More Infos about one of the videos not playing:




    Codec 4CC: H264

    Auflösung: 1280 x 720

    Seitenverhältnis: 1:1 (1:1)

    Bildrate: 25,000 fps

    Gesamtdauer: 00:05:53,721


    Zusätzliche Video-Eigenschaften


    ExtraData-Länge: 43

    Extra data: 01 4D 40 28 FF E1 00 1C 67 4D




    Codec: AAC

    Kanäle: Stereo

    Bitrate: 16000 Bps / 128 kbps

    Abtastrate: 48000 Hz

    Gesamtdauer: 00:05:53,664

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