LE9.0.1 Video Calibration

  • Hi Team. Probably a stupid question. I have a projector with a 16x9 screen. I have set my projector to zoom in to 16x9. Instead of using the normal pattern of 17x9. Now on LE I'm using Video Calibration to contain the image on my 16x9 and not to bleed on the edges of my screen. That works fine.. but now when I watch Live TV or if I go watching a movie.. when I come back to the Home Screen it goes back to the 17x9 format. Like it is not saving my Video Calibration settings.

    What I'm doing wrong?

  • CvH,

    When do you think LE9.0.2 will be out? Just thinking of installing the latest nightly or waiting for the official 9.0.2.