4K HDR 10bit Video Cards

  • I know there are a few threads about specific platforms, like NUC's from people looking for HDR output. In my case I am running an old 8 core desktop, currently with an Nvidia. While it doesn't do 10 bit on hardware, the CPU's are beefy enough that they breeze through it.

    I'm curious to know though, what kind of action is happening in the display card front currently that can pull of 10 bit 4k HDR output in LE?

    Anything happening with that or in the near future?

    Great work so far guys, loving v9

  • This thread is really useful regarding state of 4K HDR10 playback. It's regularly updated with information.

    I'm still waiting for someone to cinfirm LE + 18.0 state. Currently, only info about LE + 17.6 is in a no-go state.