DVD-Playback with Kodi on Libreelec

  • I have a related problem:

    When play a DVD into a usb drive, Kodi resets itself (I use LIBREELEC) in logami I came across "CSS ERROR".

    I did some experiments and if the drive is connected via the SATA connector on the motherboard, there is no problem but if I insert it into the usb adapter, the problem is.

    I tested on two usb adapters.

    I tested on three different drives.

    I tested on two computers.

    Region settings did not help.

    I have a DVD with regions 0 and 2 (I live in Europe).

    Ideas, suggestions?

    I set up my own thread but there was no response and now it has disappeared from the list.

    (Translated by Google)

    Edited once, last by 13lenar: I forgot to add that I'm using the x86 version ().