Pausing a video on Pi 3 B+: any way to remove on-screen controls?

  • Hello. I have seen LibreELEC running on Raspberry Pi (using the standard noobs installer). When a video is paused, controls show up and cover part of the paused video. Is it possible to have the Kodi dark shading and controls disappear so that the screen can be viewed paused 100% unobstructed?

    If I don't move my mouse or touch my keyboard for a few seconds I want the controls to automatically disappear when a video is paused, so I can see the screen properly. Is this possible?

  • Is this possible?

    Yes. If you are using the default Estuary skin you will need to edit addons/skin.estuary/xml/DialogSeekBar.xml file.

    1. <visible>Player.Seeking | Player.DisplayAfterSeek | [Player.Paused + !Player.Caching] | Player.Forwarding | Player.Rewinding | Player.ShowInfo | Window.IsActive(videoosd) | Window.IsActive(musicosd) | Window.IsActive(playerprocessinfo) | !String.IsEmpty(Player.SeekNumeric) | !String.IsEmpty(PVR.ChannelNumberInput)</visible>

    Remove Player.DisplayAfterSeek | [Player.Paused + !Player.Caching].

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  • Thanks for your answer. Being my first time using SSH, I got stuck.

    At first I thought I could use the File Manager in LibreELEC but saw no meaningful files. Then I tried SSH via ethernet cable from a Windows laptop running the free program Putty.

    After waiting for a minute or two to obtain an IP address from LibreELEC and inputting the IP address into Putty on Windows, I managed to I log in with root and password libreelec as described here Accessing LibreELEC []

    I eventually found the DialogSeekBar.xml file but don't know exactly how to edit it and save it so it works in LibreELEC. Appreciate the (extra) help.

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  • Use WinSCP.

    Copy /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary folder to /storage/.kodi/addons/

    Edit the xml file (/storage/.kodi/addons/skin.estuary/xml/DialogSeekBar.xml).

    Restart Kodi.

  • It worked! I did it with WinSCP like you suggested. It made things a lot easier. Typing linux commands got tiresome quickly.

    To me, it's truly bizarre how Kodi comes with defaults that partially cover the video with its controls when you pause a video. I can't see any downside to this fix.

    After navigating hidden directories, all went good.

    Thank you very much, smp.