different Remote configfiles at same time

  • Hello, i have an old AppleRemote in white with 6 buttons on it.

    So its difficult to choose which actions to set on the buttons.

    Is it possible to set different config files for the Main Menu and Playback screen.

    especially i think about UP/DONW <=> VOL UP/DOWN and ENTER <=> PLAY/PAUSE

    or is it possible to run scripts when entering the special screen.

    Thanks for your help

  • You can define both global defaults (in the "global" section) and window/screen specific settings (that override the defaults) in the kodi keymap.xml. See the kodi wiki for more info Keymap - Official Kodi Wiki

    I'm using this in my remote.xml files to eg bring up the TV channel list when I press the "TV" button while watching live TV and then use the same button to close the list when the OSD channel list it's open:

    Note: this is for remotes, your (bluetooth) remote might actually act as a "keyboard".

    You can use the keymap editor addon to easily assign actions, then you don't need to care about xml files or if your remote is seen as a keyboard by kodi.

    so long,