Nuc is Suspend mode but when switch it ON Marantza Amp and Sony Projector

  • Hi

    I put my NUC into Suspend mode and NUC ON and OFF light goes into orange and flashes and it goes into sleep.

    But when I switch ON Marantz Amp and Sony Projector it switch NUC ON orange light to green.And wake up NUC

    I only use Philip Pronto Remote Control to use Marantz amp and Sony Projector which HDMI handshake and switch both ON-

    But I do not wanted switch ON NUC when I switch ON Marantz and Sony equipments!

    How do I stop this?


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply!

    Nuc I have is NUC 5PPYHY

    How I do stop or configure in bios to CEC HDMI handshake?

    Please let me know?

  • The NUC 5PPYH does not seem to have CEC built-in and external CEC Adapters do NOT support it either.

    Unplug the hdmi cable from the NUC and power-on the other equipment. Does the NUC still power on ?