vdr diseqc multi switch

  • Greetings.

    I have just spent all day attempting to configure the diseqc configuration and channel scanner configuration in this vdr configuration add on. It is of no use. Seems like garbage. I am very aggravated at this point. My current satellite dish set up is two satellite dishes connected to a multi switch. 8 port. and then connects to my satellite receiver from there. Everything works fine on the satellite receiver itself. But now I am trying to do this via my new build of a HTPC running libre elect with the dvb drivers installed. The menu in vdr does not list an option for 8 port. What do I do now?

  • Manually edit diseqc.conf.

    HOW? And I want to add... Since posting I manged to get galaxy 19 to scan. However, it scans 77 channels and only gives me 55 of those in TV. I cant find the other 22 of them. Its not scanning everything and that dish is in perfect alignment. All channels scan in fine on my normal stb. I also since posting got up on my ladder and changed the port from #8 to #2. So as follows I am trying to scan ports 1 and 2 on my diseqc switch that my dishes are attached to. Only #1 will scan and not very well. Also when changing channles after about 2 or 3 times its the same channel every channel.

  • OK. this is taking too long. What add on will enable me with the least amount of hassle to scan for satellites? Thanks

  • Does anyone know of a alternative to vdr that I can use to scan satellites? I tried tv head end but can not get it configured. All the info I find is to use it on windows. I am only using libre elec and a dvb card.Help