S3 UniChrome Pro

  • Hi

    I have an old pc (~2005) that has an integrated S3 UniChrome Pro graphics card (VIA S3G UniChrome Pro - NotebookCheck.net Tech)

    As far as I've read, there is a driver for this card - OpenChrome.

    I tried booting LibreELEC 8.2.5 and it's not recognizing the card: failed to start xorg, is your gpu supported?

    Is there a way to add or use another driver? I wanted to give a shot to the i915 driver but I don't know how to select it at boot time.


  • This will not work, even if it works no video will work.

    Its basically garbage, an 5 year old PC is already considered old in multimedia terms, but this sounds like an 13+ year old low end pc ;D

    No hope, sry.