LE S905X and MVC 3D ?

  • Hi,

    Does anyone use a S905X box and MVC 3D (ISO or MakeMKV file) ?

    I can't read MVC 3D with my box and I would like to know if it's normal or not.

    Thank you !

  • I also want to ask something.

    I have LG 3DTV and I don't see a pop-out effect from the screen via built-in video player. Just a little bit depth. However, Youtube application on TV has a lot of pop-out effect 3D videos so I suspect that built-in video player of this TV can't show pop-out effects.

    What is the way of watching 3D pop-out effects via this TV? I also have S905X and S912 boxes. Which one is capable of showing pop-out effect?