Getting Rsync on LibreELEC to work with Open Media Vault

  • I want to send files from my Open Media Vault server to LibreELEC. These are both separate devices on the same network.

    I have downloaded the Network Tools addon but how do I go about connecting OMV to LibreELEC? I think the bit I'm getting wrong is the destination server (libreELEC). I've tried a whole bunch of things as destination server but none have worked.

    Also is there anything I need to do on libreELEC's end to get this to work?

    Can anyone help?

    Here is the bit I'm stuck on:

    Odroid C2 - Libreelec 8.90.004 ALPHA

  • password is pure rsync protocol so you probably need an rsyncd running in libreelec. Other option is to use rsync/ssh so you need to enable ssh with pka in libreelec.

    Create a private ssh key in Omv (certificates) and add the public key in libreelec for root user as described in the wiki. Then select the key from drop down menu.

    Make sure the remote url is correct. Refer to the omv wiki for this. A

  • Where do I copy the public key to? I have had a poke around and can't find anything about where I paste it to.

    Also I have no idea what the remote url is.

    Thanks for your help.

    Odroid C2 - Libreelec 8.90.004 ALPHA