CEC support on UDOO x86

  • Hi,

    After using Kodi17/LE8.2 on a Pi3, I was impressed by the HDMI CEC functionality, but felt I wanted a more powerful board to support 4K video, with SATA and/or USB3 for faster storage, so I settled on an UDOO x86 Advanced Plus.

    I knew the CEC functionality for the UDOO was quite recent and out-of-tree, so I switched to using LE9 nightly to see if someone had already added support, but found I needed to do this myself, so thanks to a few pointers from developers on IRC, I setup the cross-compile environment and built LE9 Generic with the seco-cec module

    I am using Fedora27 as my build machine, the list of dependencies is missing "perl-Thread-Queue" and had a typo for "perl-XML-Parser"

    I created a package to include the seco-cec.ko module and bring in v4l-utils for the cec-ctl utility

    I found the ./packages/sysutils/v4l-utils/utils/ folder didn't build as part of a "make image"

    so I had to build it individually with

    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 scripts/build packages/sysutils/v4l-utils:target

    I needed to change the kernel config to enable various CEC options, and also change i2c-i801 to be a loadable module (otherwise the built-in i2c-i801 cannot be blacklisted and seco-cec conflicts with it)

    So finally, I have a CEC adapter that is capable of turning on and off my TV, with the commands

    cec-ctl --image-view-on -t0 and cec-ctl --standby -t0

    In its current state, I don't know if this is suitable for merging into master, or if the SMBus issue means it has to wait?

    At this point, Kodi18 doesn't recognise the TV's remote via the CEC adapter, I'm not sure if this is a "simple" libCEC issue, or requires development so that Kodi can use the new CEC framework?

    Or whether some (limited?) functionality could be handled via the lirc rc adapter that seems to attach to the CEC adapter?

    I've got all my changes captured in git locally, and will share a patch containing them, after I've rebuilt everything from scratch to verify it.

    Meanwhile any suggestions or encouragement to get CEC on the UDOO working in Kodi would be welcome ...

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  • Hi Andy,

    I am a UDOO owner and I would like to thank you for your work. As the Libreelec 9.0 has been officially released, are you ready to make an update to allow the HDMI CEC functionality on the latest version?