[Odroid C2]: Spurious sounds (clicks / mechanized) during movie playback

  • Odroid C2 with fresh official LE 8.2.2 installation, connected over HDMI to 10+ year Samsung.

    On my C2 at times I'm encountering either clicks (similar noise to the one heard when adjusting volume on headphones with a physical volume knob) or even worse sounds that becomes mechanized, when playing video material. These clicks are overimposed on the sound for some seconds and then go away. After some time they are heard again and again.

    In the latter case there seems to be a periodicity of around 5-6 minutes, I don't recall the exact time period. Audio sounds as though as quality starts deteriorating rapidly (ie there is an increasing quality loss) and then it sounds perfect again. As I said, this behaviour is exhibited every 5'-6'.

    Has anyone encountered something like that?

    PS: It is amazing that even though my RPi2 on the same position felt much slower in GUI navigation etc, its playback was flawless! Not a single hitch in audio. With the C2 I've not managed to have this decent audio quality. Adding the inability to have perfect 24p playback is starting to push its lack; I'm starting to consider giving it for an RPi3...

    PS2: Why is word ph enomenon (had to split it) censored?