Split Screen when playing 4K content in kszaq's release for S912

  • Device: MECOOL BB2-PRO (S912 - 3GB RAM - Gbit Network)

    Release: by kszaq

    Scenario: When playing 4K content, or when setting the UI to 4k resolution, i get a split screen with the top and bottom half of the screen showing the same mirrored image. In the Log, my UI is set to 1080p at 60Hz. Once i start playback of the 4K movie (Alien Covenant) i see the splitscreen, with UI in foreground and movie in the background on both halfs.

    Since i also couldt get the 720p resolution switching (mentioned in the release notes) to work i also played a 720p movie (Primer). Again, UI is set to 1080p at 60HZ. when i start playback my TV is getting a 1080 at 24Hz signal, instead of 720p at 24 Hz.

  • There is no automatic resolution down switch in Kodi. Even if you set GUI to 720p there is no 720p24hz mode in kernel. For 4K use

  • The change was to allow GUI to run at 720p, not to downscale, this is something not implemented in Kodi. This is being considered to be added to Kodi Leia.

    I removed build for S912 as it has not much new things and only causes issues for S912.