Install to internal to speed things up (Mecool M8S Pro+)

  • I'm running Libreelec from USB at the moment on a Mecool M8S Pro+ in dual boot.

    It works, but sometimes it's a little sluggish. This is probably due to my USB stick, which is not the fastest but it was the only one lying around.

    I've read that it's possible (though not recommended) to run Libreelec from the internal eMMC.

    This should speed things up a little right?

    What are the (real) disadvantages of ditching Android and run Libreelec from internal eMMC?

    Is there a way to revert back to Android if I need to eventually?

    As far as I know the M8S Pro+ has DRM – Widewine Level 1 and HDCP 1.x certificates. How can I backup them?

    Is running from (fast) SD really an advantage?

    I'm not trying to be a cheapskate but just checking what suits my needs best.

  • But what is the problem exactly of doing it?

    The way back to stock android after LE on internal memory crashed or if You need update from stock rom(u-boot)

    I´m using fast SD cards - today I compared a test installation on slow SD card -> slow SD card -> slow LE

    Using internal memory for data is another option to speed up

  • Just use symlinks on the SD card, pointing to folders on the eMMc.

    In that way - an 8Gb TF card will be more than sufficient (to boot from it only).

    And it's not mandatory to be ultra-fast class 10 and etc... ;)

    But your implementation will not be supported, and if you look for help - most probably this will be pointed firstly. :D

  • Thanks for the explanation.

    With the symlinks you mean "[HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data"?

    Or are there any other symlinks I need to know?

    At the moment I'm convinced to not install to internal eMMC and use a microSD.

    But I don't have any lying around so I'll have to buy one anyways.

    What will be faster -> slow SD with data on eMMC or ultra-fast class 10 SD card?

  • Ok, cool. Thanks!

    I'm in doubt:

    Lexar 633x (LSDMI16GBBEU633A)

    Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC UHS-I (SDSQUAR-016G-GN6MA)

  • Heh...

    WD vs. Micron/Crucial...

    I would choose Lexar.

    And read the whole thread, which was given to you above... ;)

  • Ok, I read the whole thread.

    I'll give a fast microSD a change.

    Probably the Lexar one or are there any better ones in same price range?

  • This is the best of both worlds:

    HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data

    You are just copying the slower external LibreELEC_Disk partition into internal, faster eMMC flash storage.

    The SD / USB stick is only used for booting.

    Internal Android remains untouched, and if you do an OTA Android (TV) update, the Internal Android Data partition where LE Kodi data is also stored remains untouched as well.

    You can even run a LE backup to safekeep all your LE Kodi data. And restore it into internal.

  • wrxtasy

    Thanks for your answer as well!

    Though I have to buy a new microSD card because I don't have one spare.

    So if you are in my shoes and new to buy a new card anyways.

    Would you buy a cheap (slow) card and put the data on eMMC or buy a faster microSD and run all from that?

    Cheapest microSD (4GB) I can get is 6 euro.

    The Lexar mentioned above can be mine for around 13 euro or the Sandisk for 10 euro.

  • Fast card is not enough if your box has a slow card reader....

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  • One more question...

    Why not use a (fast) USB stick instead of microSD?

    Any disadvantages of doing that? Or only because they are more expensive?