Restoring a RPi2 backup to Odroid C2 possible?

  • Hello,

    I've replaced my RPi2 LE box with an Odroid C2. I've taken a backup from with the LE addon of the system. Is it possible to restore it to C2? Or would you recommend against doing so?

  • If you are using a build from GDPR-1 or me (arm userspace, not aarch64) restoring should work fine. In other cases you'd have to reinstall binary addons.

    Or simpler explanation: try it, if it doesn't work, you can make a clean install on Odroid again.

  • No, I was using the stock ARMv8 builds for RPi2/RPi3. From the sound of it, some functionality will work just fine.

    As soon as I solve the issue of having LE actually boot from C2 :p (which, is another story altogether).