LibreELEC Leia community build for Rockchip

  • I have a rock64 with leia librelec instaled, when i play a movie over ethernet from my MiniPC Intel pentium, the movie freezes sometimes, and the image saw slowed down.

    The movie is a normal 1080 and the televisión is Samsung 4K

    If i play the same movie in Plex or in raspberry 3 works perfect

    What can i do ?

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    Can you add the commits to your master branch to correctly use the RB add-ons repo directly after compiling it, so RK3328 devices can connect to your repo, it still uses the LibreELEC repo.

    I still haven't managed to get a connection to your repo if it's included in a compiled RK3328 z28 or trn9 image I build.


  • what commits do you want me to add?

    I found another issue this morning with my repo. Should work now. Use the ~/.libreelec/options method I mentioned earlier.

  • My builds will be discontinued. All my work has been incorporated into official LibreELEC. They will start official alpha builds soon. Please upgrade to official on the next occasion.