HTPC crashes when IPTV hangs

  • My HTPC J4205 board running EL 8.0.2( skin Aeon NOX), has a problem with IPTV stream. The problem occurs when the stream stops. It stops because i think of a server problem

    Normally it should restore automatically , but i had already 3times a crash of the system in one weekend.. Then sometimes i can still control the PC some clicks , or sometime it hangs directly complete

    When the HTPC crashes complete , i cannot do anything anymore , only using the powerbutton on the HTPC

    This i had also with mij old PC, i thought old pc not really compettable ..
    But now i still have it with this new PC. Also a problem is i cannot see it comming with this skin, no buffer or timer indictation etc .

    Added cash logs
    kodi_crashlog_20170916203242.log -
    kodi_crash.log -

    I used IPTV Simply client, and i will try to used TVHeadend, (maybe then only the backend will crash and not the complete PC)

    Does anyone has this problem , or known a solution ?