Tvheadend HTSP Client takes long time to loading channels and icons when the proxy is on!

  • Well my setup is Wetek play2 and i installed latest official version of Libreelec V8.1.2 in SD card, with latest tvheadend and its htsp client addon available in official Libreelec repository. I setup HTTP proxy for accessing internet in port 443 through kodi > Setting >internet access. when proxy is off every thing work well as it should be, but when i turn the proxy on Tvheadend HTSP Client takes long time to loading channels and icons sometimes depended of my number of channels, takes 15 minute or so to load , all of my channels icon are local and stored in my SD card. i know that tvheadend and its htsp client communicate with tcp/ip protocol but setting up a proxy shouldn't affect the htsp client functionality. if some one has any knowledge to help me for setting up proxy without affecting htsp client functionality i really appreciate it.

  • About what number of channels we are talking about?

    General advice,just disable all channels you dont need,speeds up everything else. You can massedit channels with tvh 4.2 so it is rather quickly doable.

  • I have 153 channels but it is not the number of channel that cause the problem as i mentioned above it is the internet proxy, that root of this problem. when the internet proxy off at start up tvheadend htsp client load my channels and its icons In the blink of an eye but when i turn my internet proxy on channel loading and ""searching for channel icons"" taking so long . and sometimes ""searching for channel icons"" repeats multiple times.

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  • I just asked if you have 1000+ channels it could add up due latency problems.

    Never saw this problem, so I can only guess that the picons are not handled correctly through a proxy ? So it might be a proxy problem or an Tvh problem. Could you somehow verify that the proxy settings are not the problem (allow all = yes or something).

    Otherwise you could open a bug at the Tvh bugtracker.

  • I think this is a bug, my all picons stored in my sd card and this is the address for all of them (file:///storage/picons/) none of them are stored in internet. my proxy work well, i can connect to internet, browsing repositories, watch online stream and so on. turning proxy off solving all of my problem and tvheadend htsp client load my channels and its icons in the blink of an eye , but this is not a solution, it is ignoring the problem. and i should stay in loop of turning proxy on and off which in not satisfying. i think somehow proxy cause conflict between Tvheadend and its htsp client. my proxy setting is kodi > Setting >internet access

    proxy type HTTP


    port 443

    username xxxx

    password xxxx

    I think you can reproduce this bug by setting up proxy and turn it on, restart box(mine is wetek play2) and see how your channel loading.

    any way thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  • you could try to upload your icons to some url and try to use an weburl, maybe this works

    and pls open an issue at tvheadend and report your findings, they are usual very quick to fix those problems