Freezing problems with MECOOL M8S Pro+ boxes.

  • All MECOOL M8S Pro+ users eyes forward and pay attention:

    The majority of faulty eMMC Storage chips and boards seem to be stamped KLMAG1JENB - B041

    If your box is exhibiting freezing and crashing it is going to be useless going forward. You have a box with faulty hardware.

    Once the eMMC storage bootloader area fails then no more LibreELEC. Forget about even trying to fix it.

    Follow these links and seek a refund from the seller if purchased from Geekbuying (click) or Gearbest (click)

    This is the thread you should refer Geekbuying or Gearbest to when talking about Frozen M8S Pro+ boxes:

    M8S Pro+ Freaktab thread

    I would not even mention LibreELEC. These faulty boxes are dying simply by doing a regular OTA Android Firmware Update.

    The more times you re-flash the worse the problem seems to get.

  • Honestly - no idea.

    Last I read on Freaktab there may be a faulty manufacturing batch of boards that is designated by the SECxxx stamp on the eMMC Chip.

    Keep an eye on the Freaktab thread I linked to above to see what feedback end users post.