Odroid C2, Dolby Atmos

  • Hi folks,

    I'm having problems with Dolby Atmos. While DTS-X is working, I can't get the system (Odroid C2, LibreElec 8.0.2) to output Dolby Atmos to my receiver. All pass-trough options in the options menu have been enabled.

    I use the Dolby Atmos test tones from here:

    Dolby Labs Website

    Has anybody this configuration working? In general bitstream data output seem to works as Dolby TrueHD, DTS and even DTS-X is working. Only Dolby Atmos isn't. Is this a known problem?

  • Just had a discussion with some Kodi developers. They claim that Atmos won't work on the Odroid C2 as the kernel does not provide the correct interface.

    However, I've seen people here claiming that Atmos is workign on the Odroid C2. What is correct? Is Atmos supported on the C2? If yes, what needs to be configured to get it working?

  • Hi usul27,

    ATMOS is working on Odroid C2 on my system since first LE installation.

    From my basic understanding, ATMOS is just an extension to TrueHD. KODI is just passing a TrueHD stream in passthru mode to your AVR.

    Is TrueHD working on your system? Please check if you have <truehdpasstrough>true</truehdpassthrough in adv.xml or guisettings.xml.

    See attached an extract of kodi.log while playing ATMOS file ; my AVR (ONKYO) shows ATMOS as input!