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    Same scenario with all 3 providers. As I am not an expert I need further assistance.
    Please be so kind and tell me what can I do next.

    This is a log of a connection that appears to have worked? Get a kodi log, with debug switched on. I'd guess it just says that it can't reach any of the services to determine the location of your IP which point to a network connection at which point you need to determine why that is.

    Hi zomboided,

    Rebooted kodi...
    Attempted to connect manually...

    Kodi Log

    That sounds like the DNS resolution failing. I might be wrong here so sorry if so, but try selecting another option for it. I think it's under Debug menu?

    I was fiddling with the settings, but problem is still here.

    I should mention that I am testing this at my home.

    I am trying to connect to my home server with: RPI3 (latest LibreElec installed on it) which is connected via Wlan Hotspot on my Android smartphone.

    This works with Open VPN Gui on my Windows laptop.

    Openvpn log is HERE

    Any help is welcomed

    Hello ppl,

    Trying to connect to my home server, and can't get past this mssg: "Connected, checking location info."

    Waited for few minutes at first, then googled, and ... nothing, after many many tries (one try lasted for 30 minutes) I gave up and came here

    Can I get some help please?