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    Still exists on last version.

    Please try to reproduce it, from my side it is sufficient to fast forward a 4k content at 16x/32x.
    Problem arises after a couple of minutes fast-forwarding, and leads to crash or to very-low available mem (i.e. 50 MB free on 4 GB available). If you resume normal playing memory remains un-freed, so it may happen a not-smooth video playing. Only after stopping the reproduction, memory is freed (or after a crash, obviously).

    It happens both for USB contents and Network streams (i.e. for network stream I use a Plex server and I stream contents through plexkodiconnect add-on. Conversely for USB contents it is a simple USB3 disk drive).

    For me, with a NUC 4 GB memory, it usually crashes after 45/60 minutes (movie time from beginning) continuous fast-forwarding (8x-32x).

    Try to do my best in explaining.

    I tried to play a movie (.mkv ripped from Blu-Ray) from the beginning, then I set >>16x and I leave it alone while position is getting increased.
    Immediately free RAM tends to decrease to zero, and depending on video content location, the behavior is pretty different:

    1. content stored on Plex server, plugin "PlexKodiConnect" on Kodi player -> memory goes to "0" and the whole thing freezes (oom-killer message in dmesg), then kodi restarts after a while (watchdog?) and all features are recovered;

    2. content locally stored on USB, browsed through "movies", going backwards through "../../" until I see "files/mydisk/.../path_to_moviefile.mkv" -> memory decreases to a few MB (~50) faster than in case number 1, but it never goes to "0". When I resume "play" memory is not freed and constant square artifacts are shown on video frames. Pressing "stop" frees used memory. In this case, if I "play" content before memory going down to critical level, the play is smooth, even if used memory does not decrease until "stop" is pressed.

    My environment is:
    kodi 17.0 Git:a10c504
    OpenELEC 0.8.9
    Titan skin 3.7.23

    CPU: Pentium N3700 @ 1.6 GHz
    RAM: 3855 MB, free 3101 MB
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz

    Hi all,

    I just installed libreElec on this hardware (NUC6CAYS), all is good but no wired ethernet is seen. I have to use wifi.
    Is there anyone with this problem? Seems very strange to me that no one is mentioning this issue, so hopefully I am making something wrong.

    Thanks for your support.