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    Sorry, but how come MXIII is not supported, when it says so in the first post?

    I will release LE9.x images for only for the two devices i own - MXIII-PLUS/MXIII-G/PROBOX2-EX-PLUS - S82/S82B/S82H/MXIII/S89/S89H and that's it.

    Guys I need help with my MX III 4K box.

    Used to have older version of LibreELEC flashed, and it was time for an upgrade. I've found the stock firmware and when I try any of theese:

    I tried this method, however the never appeared in the update&backup list. Didn't seem to pickup the SD card. So I tried the toothpick method. The box booted to the Google splash screen, sat there and eventually the screen went blank. I then tried booting to Recovery, but I could not install the script from there. Tried twice, no go. Then I booted without the toothpick and as soon as the Google splash came up I inserted the toothpick. The Libreelec boot came up and installed 18.2. So I am up and running on an MXIII-G 4K.

    Have to say, this box is still fast and runs great. Definitely worth the effort.

    Thanks again Demetris.

    i get "Filesystem corruption has been detected" error. Is this due to my SD card? Is there a way to install from USB?


    Ok guys, what's the procedure if I want to upgrade from 8.2.3.

    I have MXIII 2 gb box and Demetris's LibreELEC with 17.6. on it.

    Tried to put 9.0 .tar file to .update folder, it went ok after a reboot, but all it did was change the skin back to default and nothing else was changed. Afterwards I made a SD card with

    .img file and tried (no toothpick method) and it was no go.

    I can still boot to 17.6 fine but would like to upgrade to new version. Thanks.

    Installed LibreELEC-S802.M8.arm-8.0.RC4 last night. .zip version wouldn't install directly via SDcard so first installed drieschel 7.02 build and then updated via 8.0RC4 tar. Eny M8 working great. Only thing I see missing is BT support,can it be added? Thank you for continuing support the S802

    Could you please be kind and point me, step by step, how to do this? Which file to download (.zip or else) and how to do an update? Thanks

    So, right, I got LE working on my MXIII Amlogic 2GB box via USB. It boots fine, everything works and when I plug it out, it just boots to Android. Can't get it to boot from SD card, though. I get the corrupted file-system message and looks like the SD card is screwed (I can mount it on PC and when I boot to Android though, and can access files on it, which is strange).

    Anyway, using libreelec from USB is rather slow for me (GUI is smooth and all, but i get some hickups when navigating addons, which is due to the fact the read/write time on USB is not the same as the internal memory's time). So, I was wondering how do I proceed to install LE from USB to my box, to replace Android?

    I get the part where I boot to recovery and select the Apply update form EXT option. Do I have to burn a different image? Or can I use the same USB and image I use to boot form USB? How safe is this method? I mean, I don't want to brick my device. Also, do I need TRW or some other tools that I use when installing another ROM on my Android phone?

    Hi dudes, first time posting, so, sorry if this is out of place.

    So, I tried downloading and installing LibreELEC on my MXIII M82 box (2GB). So, my issue is I can't boot my box after creating USB or SDCard with libreELEC.

    I used LibreELEC USB SD Creator and this image. Unzipped it, finished writing on disk, put toothpick to AV port, turned on the device, went to Reboot now, and it just reboots as normal Android Mbox interface.

    Same is happening with both USB and SDCard. Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

    Nevermind dudes, I've been using the wrong image, after all. Thanks a lot for the project! Awesome work!