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    Update: Update, after extensive testing of both. back to the OE 6.01 build that Chewitt released. By far more stable and MUCH better playback via chd. Uses less ram etc. Heck, even samba is faster with sustained 11.5 transfer rates via ethernet vs. osmc at about 7.4 on same setup.

    The big downside of course is the lack of addon compatibility for Isengard vs. Jarvis, but for pure video decoding performance there is *no* comparison. OE 6.01 Isengard courtesy of chewitt wins hands down.

    Just thought i'd save others the days of testing trying the other before going back.

    Adddons will only continue to be a problem due to incompatibility with Isengard but life is full of tradeoffs.

    Thanks again chewitt, you really built a lean setup performance wise.

    AFAIK Sam is still releasing OSMC for AppleTV so maybe look at that option.

    I can confirm Sam does have chd video decoding on Jarvis, works pretty well tbh. Chewitt, I just would really like to thank you for your unofficial build of openelec which I ran for a while until following you here then realizing you were moving on from the dead end that is the ATV1. That said I have 5 of them and its nice to see some folks have been able to keep it relatively alive. You may not remember but way back when openelec was just working on atv 1 chd support we kinda worked together. You were on the openelec atv release, sam was on crystalbuntu and I was doing some work on a linux hardy chd setup with davillas help via the atvcloner app for partitioning / resizing atv drives. Ah, those were the early days (almost ten years ago)! Good times.

    Anyway as it looks like your dropping jarvis support at least there is an alternative. Bewarned anyone that tries though osmc does currently offer a Krypton build touting CHD, in regeresson testing I have found (and sam knows) that the Krypton releases are in fact currently NOT using the CHD driver even though Kodi shows it active in the gui.

    Jarvis works fine so far though after a couple days of testing and I'd suspect that Krypton has a larger memory footprint than Jarvis anyway which pushes the measly 256 mb of ram in the atv to its limits as it is.

    I hope I am not out of line for passing off this info on Sams setup but figured you'd already mentioned it. If I was apologies and thanks again for all of the support you have given the "old dog".