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    It is actually so easy to achieve that, in fact, in my personal installation I have my roms, bios and saves folders in an external HDD.
    When playing a game enter retroarch menu (or launch it directly from kodi) then in settings menu search for the "directories" option, there you can set the folder you want for every retroarch stuff.

    oops .. i forgot to look there

    still would be a nice 'noob' option to have in the Add-on config ... but i understand


    New addon version release!
    Gamestarter v2.0.4 (changelog)


    Great !

    I have a Feature Request for version 2.0.5

    In the Gamestarter "Config" can you add an option to select / browse the "ROM PATH" ?

    I'm running out of room on my 32GB SD Card (mainly because of PS1 Roms) ... i would like to attach a USB HDD or Stream the Roms from my WD MyCloud

    This would make it really easy for people to change the path (without having to mess about with .cgf files and paths editing)
    when they run out of room .. or simply want to store their Roms somewhere else.


    A dumb Retroarch question ...

    How to configuration "Core Options" for individual games ?

    Example: my Playstation 1 games ...

    Ridge Racer works great (and looks great) with Core Options : Enhanced Resolution (slow)

    but other games don't like this setting and "glitch"

    "Final Doom" looks "interlaced" with the Enhanced Resolution setting (disable it, and it looks fine)

    so .... if there a way to "Setup" the config for each game and save it. and when the game launches ... it loads the correct config ?

    thanks :)

    Kinda Off-Topic ...

    But i noticed that bite_your_idols "Gamestarter" announcement has only received ONE reply (myself) on the Official KODI Website
    C'mon ... let's leave some feedback there too, as a token of our appreiciation and acknowlegment of his cool addon and work

    [Pi] Gamestarter: Easy retrogaming addon for Raspberry Pi.

    Thanks again, BYI for your work in keeping retro games alive and on the Raspberry PI ... Appreciate it

    Found it! I replaced the default fMSX core ( of Gamestarter plugin 2.0.2 by the one on index · powered by h5ai 0.27.0 ( and now all works fine! Can you include this version (217.342 bytes files size) in next Gamestarter version?

    Cool !

    off / on topic ... i'm pretty desparate to get "River Raid" game working on the Raspberry Pi for my Mum

    She loved the Colecovision version of the game years ago ... and the MSX version looks exactly like it

    (i got the Atari2600 version working ... but it wasn't quite the same look or feel)

    Here's the MSX Version on Youtube

    Any assistance / advice would be greatly appreciated by me (and my mum)

    Sorry .. another silly question

    how do get my Sega 32X games to appear in Emulationstation ?

    i labeled the folder "sega32x" but it does not appear .... i can launch the game manually through lakki though

    Sega 32X · RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup Wiki · GitHub

    doh .. figured it out

    i manually edited es_systems.cfg .... and added the following

    <fullname>Sega 32X</fullname>
    <extension>.smd .bin .gen .md .sg .zip .SMD .BIN .GEN .MD .32x .ZIP</extension>
    <command>/storage/.kodi/addons/script.gamestarter/resources/bin/gamestarter.start picodrive %ROM% ES</command>

    and now it appears in EmulationStation


    Awesome thanks !
    Great the Online Updater is working
    N64 ~ i've never overclocked any of my RPi's ... so maybe it was the non-libretro mupens64plus emulator
    PSP ~ Oh, ok no probs ... i'll stick to playing PSP (and N64) on my Octo-Core Android Box

    Can someone tell me where the Emulation Station Theme/Graphics are located ?

    I would like to change the background color ... as it causes my Plasma TV to "buzz" a lot

    Also, where are the scraped "Game Covers" stored ?

    I would like to change a few of them


    Thanks for your reply :)

    Just to report what "is" working fine in my quick tests ...

    Playstation 1 Games
    Genesis/Megadrive Games
    SNES Games
    MAME Games (a bit Hit'n'Miss .. eg. Galaga, Frogger, Galaxian, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol, Time Pilot work fine ... Pacman, Space Invaders don't)

    But ... Can't get working properly ..
    N64 Games ... Pretty Slow (on my Pi3) even "Mario Kart" which did work fine using "RetroPie" a while ago
    PPSSPP ... Ridge Racer & Ridge Racer 2 (Menus OK .. ingame graphics BLACK, both games work perfectly using PPSSPP on Windows [Dual Core PC] and Android Box [Beelink i86] Buffered Rendering Options in Gamestarter/Retroarch make no difference)

    Anyways, i appreicate your work and look forward to future updates and development :)

    Thanks. Tried new version of retroarch binary. I does start up now, yet RetroArch fails to do next items:
    - Update any item (GUI starts to act strange when an updater is chosen from menu)
    - SNES games do work (with both pre-installed cores!), yet RetroArch fails to add an SNES console menu item

    I also can not get the "Online Updater" in retroarch to work .... when i click "ok" nothing happens except on screen text "glitches" and nothing happens. I'm running Gamestarter Version 2.0.2 on Kodi Jarvis

    No problems running SNES games ... all appear in the correct menu

    Thanks for all your hard work ! ... loving this addon