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    I'm having regular crashes with the following symptoms:
    - ethernet is down (the lights are off)
    - the interface is dimmed out, and I cannot interact with it, but the time is correct, so things are still running

    The only way to solve it is to do a hard reboot (since I cannot ssh in the odroid nor use the interface to reboot).

    How can I help find the source of this bug?

    All was working well, then I switched the odroid from HDMI 3 to HDMI 1 (changing the config file as required), and now each time I turn off my TV the odroid hangs (still blue light). Where can I find more debugging info?

    Edit: the same happens with HDMI 2. The only port with which I have no issue is HDMI 3. And I cannot even decide to not turn on the TV, it will turn on as the odroid boots, and turning it off crashes the odroid.

    I've installed LibreElec on an eMMC module with no issue, but I have some trouble with Kodi next.

    How do I change the resolution of Kodi? It's greyed out in the system and it's too big a resolution for my TV (I don't see the edge of the interface, for instance the time is cropped out.)

    How do I change the time zone?